1. After the Second World War what war was fought between the USA and the USSR?
The Cold War

2. Did the USA and NZ support the communist or capitalist/democratic Vietnamese during the Vietnam war?
Capitalist and democratic

3. What unusual event happened outside the Beehive when American officials flew into Wellington to ask for New Zealand's military support in the Vietnam war?
An anti-war protest

4. What values and attitudes of the 1950s did these protesters rebel against?
Military values, obedience of superiors

5. Protesters argued that the war was morally wrong. What did they want to send to Vietnam instead of soldiers and artillery units?
Medical teams

6. What new technology made it a lot more difficult for governments to persuade the people that fighting the war was a good idea?

7. Name one "dishonourable" thing that occurred to one of the returning soldiers in the films we watched yesterday.
Attacked during parade
Told they should never have gone
Told to get out of uniform immediately
Told to not tell anyone they fought in Vietnam